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Big Coconuts Tropical BODY WASH 6 fl oz.

Price $5.95


Recommended for dry or weather stressed skin

This Body Wash has a few improvements over the basic body wash. More lather, more vitamins with Aloe for a softer feeling skin and a Big Tropical scent of Coconuts.

Our body wash is formulated with: Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, E and Pro-Vitamin B5, Coconut Oil, Coconut Extract, Watercress Extract, Chamomilla Extract and our "Fresh Cut" Big Coconut fragrance. Your skin will feel softer with the smell of the Tropics.

Big Coconuts Body Wash is extra thick for a rich lather. A small drop goes a long way.

Now you can shower in the Tropics wherever you are. Your skin will love you for it.



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